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Shiromani Chandan Incense

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Shiromani means the crest jewel and this incense is the jewel in the sandalwood collection. Sandalwood is a class of wood from the Santalum genus. Sandalwood smells distinctly exotic, sweet, creamy and warm all at once with a deep, meditative and subtle freshness. Incense has been used for thousands of years to focus and calm the mind. Invite this history into your home with our temple grade incense, created from the purest natural ingredients. Each stick is hand rolled using a recipe that has been passed down for generations. These inspired scents of exquisite quality combine layered depth and premium sophistication connecting you to this ancient tradition. Grade 1.3 - The most refined of all the grades. Using rare essential oils with a minimum of base and the most concentrated, finest ingredients added. Vegan No synthetic ingredients No chemicals Pure essential oils Allergen free PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Contents: 18-20 sticks Length: 21 cm Burn time: 45 minutes approximately Base ingredients: Spring water, pure bamboo charcoal, sandalwood powder, vanilla powder, gum elemi makko powder, tragacanth gum, Arabic gum, gum opoponax, gum labdanum, gum copal, mastic, gum dammar, myrrh resin, frankincense resin.