Red Aglaonema Plant — Chinese Evergreen

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Red Aglaonema Potted and shipped in a nursery pot. Care Light: Thrives in bright, indirect light such as north or east facing windows or filtered light. Watering: Water about once a week and let the soil dry a bit between watering. Aglaonema does not like to stay too wet. *If repotting, choose a pot with good drainage. I encourage you to do online research for the best care for your new plant baby. Keep your local weather in mind when ordering as these do not ship with heat packs. Please keep an eye out on tracking updates and unbox your plant ASAP. **Terms of Service – PLEASE READ** • Although I pack each plant with lots of love and care, I do not have control over treatment during shipment. I am not responsible for any damages once USPS has possession of the package. This includes damages from lost/delayed packages and any portion of the purchase that may be damaged due to inclement weather/temperatures. • Any concerns regarding your order need to be reported to me within 12 hours of delivery according to the timestamp from USPS. • Refunds and returns are not accepted. • All USPS claims must be submitted by the buyer. I will assist if possible, but the ultimate responsibility will be on the buyer. • When purchasing from ShopPlantaholic you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please send me a message!