Original Universal Gradient Womens Walking Sandals

At Sports Shoes
A wash of ombre brings new, modern colour to the iconic Original Universal. Textile webbing uppers will encase each foot in durable comfort. The open, sandal construction means airflow is abundant and your feet stay cool, fresh and never stifled. An adjustable ankle strap with a hook and loop closure ensures a firm fit, reducing in-shoe slippage for smooth, distraction-free strides. The single density platform of EVA resides in the midsole to supply resilient, underfoot cushion and comfort. Light in weight and low in profile, it spares your joints as you strike down onto hard, unforgiving terrain. A Durabrasion outsole completes the Original Universal. Grippy and long-wearing, it delivers a solid balance of performance and durability to the footwear without sacrificing its light weight. The perfect, versatile sandal for trail walks, beach walks and everthing-in-between walks.