Never Ever Land Scrapbooks

Never Ever Land Scrapbook Album. 12×10″ Pink Scrap Book.

A Versatile Photo Album Book That Refuses To Be Square.. 12x12 scrapbooks are nice, but they don’t exactly lend themselves to 6x4 photos, because let’s face it, rectangle things don’t love being in squares. From Polaroid and Instax to disposable camera, all standard photos follow the 4x6 or 6x4 rule. And since your scrapbook might also include pictures, it just seems like a good idea to have scrapbook album that fits. So we created this 12 x 10 scrapbook album for you. And, with the Never Ever Land Scrapbook Album you can add more photos because it’s obviously bigger than any other 8x8 scrapbook, but also the rectangular dimensions make those pics look better, too. It’s Also A Blank Guestbook and Craft Book, With Smudge Proof, Acid Free Paper. Write with any kind of pen including gel pens, water color and ink; and use glue, washi tape or glue dots without worrying that they’ll soak through the other side because you have 40 leaves (80 pages) of thick 250gsm paper. The pages are crisp white and smooth - with NO texture, photo dots or plastic slots Available in 3 Colors for Any Hobby and Any Occasion.. White and White Ribbon: Bridal shower gifts for bride, wedding reception, babybook, engagements. Pink and White Ribbon: Baby girl keepsake journals, marriage notebook, brides, Mothers day. Blue and White Ribbon: Fathers day gift, crafts, Valentines gift for wife, gf, boyfriend or husband. Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime. It has a hardboard cover, cute ribbon tie and permanent spiral bind and comes all packaged up in a sturdy box for damage free gifting. It’s so durable, we even offer a lifetime warranty if anything strange and unexpected should happen. For an Anniversary Gift or a Baby Travel Journal... ... Why not whisk them away with Never Ever Land?