Red Truck Bakery

Mardi Gras Rum Cake

At Goldbelly
Available Only: February 11 – 25 Everyone’s favorite buttery rum cake (Southern Living gave ours their 2018 Food Award) is dressed up for the week of Mardi Gras, with Fat Tuesday icing colors, traditional beads, and even a plastic baby for you to hide inside the cake: we’re told that the person finding the baby gets a year of good luck, and should host the next Mardi Gras party. Started in a Virginia farmhouse over 30 years ago, Brian Noyes’ Red Truck Bakery is one of Condé Nast Traveler’s 13 Destination Bakeries in America. Named after the red 1954 Ford truck Brian used to deliver his rustic baked goods to local country stores, Red Truck Bakery has gained a cult-like following that includes Oprah and former President Barack Obama—with Roadfood’s Jane & Michael Stern being among some of their loudest and proudest early supporters.