Lavender Fine Aromessence Essential Oils Serum 15ml

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Treat your skin to the replenishing powers of the DECLÉOR Lavender Fine Aromessence Essential Oils Serum. Infused with a botanical blend of skin-loving ingredients, this nourishing serum combats signs of ageing to renew your visage. Enriched with essential oils, including Lavender and Chamomile, the serum has anti-inflammatory power, reducing any redness and cooling any irritation to reveal a more clarified tone and texture. As if that wasn’t enough, the formula also includes Plum Kernels to reduce the appearance of puffiness while brightening the complexion, leaving the face younger-looking and healthier-feeling. Finally, Bergamot Oil balances the skin’s sebum levels, combatting oiliness, moisturising the pores, and plumping out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Working in harmony, these ingredients create an optimum environment for the skin, supporting natural collagen production and strengthening the skin’s natural barriers. These vital processes are the key to anti-ageing skincare, leaving the complexion radiant and dewy. Free from preservatives, mineral oils and colourants.