Dr Frances Prenna Jones


At Cult Beauty
A real-life doctor turned skin extraordinaire, Dr Frances Prenna Jones’ list of fans includes celebrity clients, high-profile beauty editors and countless discerning skintellectuals – and, with this supremely high-quality, streamlined range, you can add your name to this exclusive list. Like ‘daily insurance’ for your skin, the brand calls FORMULA, an exfoliating skin tonic, ‘an infusion of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients’ and ‘the cornerstone for any skin care routine’. A purifying, toning and rejuvenating concoction, FORMULA features glycolic acid to exfoliate away the top layer of skin, helping to boost cell renewal and restore radiance. Salicylic acid, an antimicrobial exfoliant, minimises pigmentation, blemishes, blackheads and inflammation, boosted by witch hazel and ginger. To provide antioxidant protection, guarding against signs of ageing, there’s brightening zinc gluconate, orange flower, pomegranate, feverfew and tomato extracts. If you’re worried about stripping your skin or upsetting its delicate balance, fear not – this miraculous tonic also balances skin, restoring its optimal pH and supporting hydration with glycerine, a natural moisturiser and humectant (preventing moisture loss). Use this sublime skin tonic and prepare to find your complexion clearer, tightened (yet still hydrated), brightened and miles more luminous.