Fabric Over The Knee Tall Platform Boots

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CONTENTS AND CARE JOIN LIFE Care for fiber & planet: at least 25% recycled polyester upper & 30% recycled synthetic rubber sole. We use the Join Life label for items that have been produced using technologies and raw materials that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products. MATERIALS We are working with monitoring programs to guarantee compliance with the social, environmental, and health and safety standards of our garments. To evaluate their compliance, we have developed an auditing program and plans for continual improvement. UPPER 100% polyester LINING 80% polyurethane · 20% polyester SOLE 100% thermoplastic rubber INSOLE 100% polyurethane Recycled polyester Currently, recycled polyester is producedmainlyfrom recycling PET plastic, like the plastic used in bottles. Each time you place a plastic bottle into a recycling container, it is taken to a waste selection and classification plant. There, the different types of plastics are classified for the best eventual use. The PET plastic is cleaned, shredded, and recycled into new recycled polyester thread, among other products. This way, we achieve giving a new life to plastic waste and reduce the consumption of virgin raw material. CERTIFICATIONS We only use recycled polyester certified by organizations that perform monitoring from origin through the final product. We are currently working with: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Recycled Content Standard (RCS) Recycled synthetic rubber Recycled synthetic rubber soles are sourced from rubber waste reclaimed primarily during the manufacturing processes of other products. The reclaimed waste is classified according to its qualities and is shredded to later be incorporated in production processes as recycled raw material. The new sole with recycled content has characteristics similar to virgin synthetic rubber; it is strong, resistant, durable, and can then be recycled again. The incorporation of these reclaimed materials in production processes helps to reduce waste generation. Also, it avoids the production of raw material, helping to preserve natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions. Reduction of emissions CERTIFICATIONS We only use recycled synthetic rubber certified by organizations that monitor the process from origin through the final product in our soles. We are currently working with: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Recycled Content Standard (RCS) CARE Caring for your clothes is caring for the environment. Simple actions like washing items with a dry cotton cloth or soft brush, per the characteristics of the product, can help us care for them. Whenever possible, try to use products that are respectful of the environment. Do not wash Do not submerge in water Do not use bleach / whitener Leather/Patent Leather/Glossy Finish Leather. Clean with a dry cotton cloth. Do not iron Suede/Nubuck/Split Leather. Clean with a soft brush or stiff sponge. Do not dry clean Leather. May apply clear wax or wax in the tone of the leather. Do not tumble dry Suede/Nubuck/Split leather. May be protected with treatment sprays or dust repellents (mop water repellent).