Dove Lavender & Yogurt Foaming Hand Wash

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Finding time to relax during a busy day can be a challenge. One way to help? Transforming the chores in your day into little moments of indulgence. Inspired by nature, Dove Foaming Hand Wash with Lavender & Yogurt scent transforms every hand wash into a moment of calm to look forward to. Our hands work hard for us every day and they deserve to be treated with a little kindness. With 5x more moisturizers than the leading bathroom hand soap, this gentle hand wash nourishes your skin as it cleanses – the perfect way to prevent dry skin on hands. Formulated with gentle cleansers and without alcohol, dye and sulphates, every use leaves your hands feeling soft, soothed and beautifully nourished with none of the tightness that regular liquid hand soap can leave behind. With its rich, beautifully scented foam, Dove Foaming Hand Wash with Lavender & Yogurt scent is an oasis of relaxation in a busy day. Show your hands a little love and turn hand washing into part of your daily skin care ritual. Start by pressing a pump of the moisturizing hand wash into your wet hands. Then massage the soft, rich lather into your skin, and rinse away.