Sana Jardin

Celestial Patchouli Eau De Parfum (50ml)

At Cult Beauty
A wonderfully rich, intense fragrance that will appeal to the global travellers amongst us, Sana Jardins Celestial Patchouli is an irresistible cosmos of scent. The swirling, aromatic depths of patchouli, leather, Australian sandalwood and rich, smoky cedar wood will draw you in, mingled with a captivating heart of soft, warm rose, osmanthus and Moroccan orris. Coriander seed lingers at the surface of this fragrance, intriguing olfactory senses, while the patchouli at the centre of the incredible combination is thought to harmonise, balance and relax both body and senses, also acting as an aphrodisiac (youll have to get back to us on that one). The beauty worlds first socially conscious luxury fragrance house, Sana Jardin is blazing a revolutionary trail as well as smelling utterly sublime. Created primarily as a vehicle for social change, this brand advocates the economic empowerment of women through The Beyond Sustainability Movement (which creates female entrepreneurs to bring about change through fair commerce, rather than less sustainable charity). Starting by helping female flower harvesters in Morocco to upcycle their floral waste and ending with the wearer, Sana Jardin aims to empower all the women it touches.