Alpaca Felted Wool Slide Slippers

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Classic men natural grey slide slippers are handmade from 100% felted wool and decorated with alpaca wool. They fit both men and women. Soles are strengthened with natural latex, hand stiched Bure Bure labels are added. Frequently stepping on your slippers heels? A pair of classy and comfy felted slip ons is a perfect choice if you want slippers to be easily taken on and off. This design was created in Bure Bure studio. MADE BY HANDS FROM 100 % FELTED WOOL. These home shoes are made from a natural, renewable material - wool. Due to insulation properties of the wool fibers, you feel warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day. This material effects your feet the same way as a light massage or acupuncture. HOUSE SHOES' SOLES. Non slip latex. For indoor wearing. AVAILABLE SIZES FOR FELTED SLIPPERS. This design is available in all men and women shoe sizes. We ask you to specify your shoe size while ordering. Don't forget to write down if it's UK, US or EU measurement. Write down your feet length, width and specific characteristics. Tell us if your feet are narrow, wide or have high instep. Specify colors and details you want. MAKING AND SHIPPING BURE BURE. The felting process starts only after order is confirmed. Thus, I kindly ask You to be patient and wait for two weeks for your item to be prepared for shipment. By doing this, you avoid a waste of materials, which is a frequent issue in an industrial manufacturing. ECO FRIENDLY PAPER PACKAGES. We save materials and your money. We don’t use boxes for packaging. Boxes will be thrown out. This is why we pack woolens into a paper instead. TAKE CARE OF FELTED WOOL SLIPPERS 1) Freshen up your woolen slippers by shaking out crumbled dirt from them. Then suck it up with a vacuum cleaner and leave to ventilate. 2) Dry clean. 3) Hand wash felted slippers in a warm water with a small amount of means for wool cleaningand then let woolen footwear to dry naturally in a room temperature. Caution: do not leave these felted slippers in direct sunlight!