This Mom's Secret To Great Skin? Diaper Rash Cream

Let’s welcome my guest, Lisa Wong Jackson. She runs a successful custom design and stationery company, Good On Paper, and has two insanely adorable sons, Lucas, 3 and Theo, 8 months. I first followed Lisa on Twitter and when I found out we were both pregnant at the same time with our second baby, I instantly felt connected to her. We then later discovered that we actually have mutual friends in the city and that she also partners with my cousin on design jobs. Such a small world!
Now that we’re both settled in with our second baby, we finally got a chance to meet up. Lisa took us to one of her favorite (and very delish) local spots in Berkeley and also invited us into her mid-century modern Cliff May home (one of my favorite architects, believe it or not). Lisa is super nice and sweet and very down-to-earth. Even though we have kids around the same age, I certainly feel like she’s way more ahead of the game than me with being a 2x mother! I certainly learned a lot from her and am so glad I got to know her even better in person.
It's pretty obvious that Jeanne Chan, curator of ShopSweetThings, has a keen eye for cool. But, when she's not searching out new, must-know shops in her native SF, the bona fide Pinterest whiz — and mother of two — plans playdates with her equally stylish mom friends. The good news? We're tagging along!

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