Two Stylish, Young Moms On Work, Play, & Motherhood

Friends, I'm thrilled to introduce to you my Playdate guests today! I am featuring one of my dearest cousins, Becky Hui Chan, founder/designer of Honey & Bloom, and her super adorable kids, which makes them my super-adorable nephew and niece, Micah & Miela!
I grew up with Becky here in S.F. and have always looked up to her like my own sister. Her effortless style, refined approach to design and living, and even her personal values all have inspired and influenced me in so many ways. Now that we both have kids, we love chatting about work, mommy stuff, funny stuff, and best of all, watching our kids play and get silly! (Hayden is learning so much about Star Wars from Micah, haha!)
I really hope you enjoy our date. Anyone who knows Becky will tell you that she is one of the sweetest and most talented person you’ll ever meet. Thank you so much to Becky for her thoughtful insights on parenthood and personal style. She’s another inspiring mama you wanna get coffee with!
It's pretty obvious that Jeanne Chan, curator of ShopSweetThings, has a keen eye for cool. But, when she's not searching out new, must-know shops in her native SF, the bona fide Pinterest whiz — and mother of two — plans playdates with her equally stylish mom friends. The good news? We're tagging along!

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