Maternity Dish! Lily Aldridge Spills Her Beauty And Fitness Routine

Who says that pregnancy and motherhood have to mean ditching your personal style? (Don't worry, we're not trying to sell you elastic-waistband pants.) What we are trying to sell you on is the all-important idea that maternity is about both the mother and the baby-to-be. That's the guiding principle that drove Julia Restoin Roitfeld to start her highly inspiring site, Romy & The Bunnies. With her collection of interviews with stylish mothers, a never-ending rotation of her favorite beauty products, and a well-curated selection of her maternity must-haves, Romy & The Bunnies reminds us all that motherhood is indeed a beautiful thing.
Lily, I was looking at your pictures while you were pregnant and absolutely loved your style. Whether it was casual (you wore one outfit with a long khaki skirt which I loved!) or red carpet dressing, you always looked amazing. What was your sort of day-to-day look as your bump grew?
"It was very hot towards the end of my pregnancy so I was living in beautiful cotton dresses with leather sandals. I especially loved a form-fitting dress to show off my growing bump."
Did you have any favorite brands to wear? Perhaps something with a bit of stretch?
"Rick Owens tops were my absolute favorite because they grew with my belly."
Did you give into maternity brands at all? Maybe some maternity jeans?
"Yes, I loved wearing J Brand Jeans while pregnant. Hatch Maternity also has amazing dresses in cottons and silks."
For red carpet events, did you have any favorite silhouettes? What was your favorite look?
"On the red-carpet, empire waists seemed to fit me the best. But I loved form-fitting pieces as well. I loved my Gucci gown which I wore to the Grammys. I also wore this white Dolce & Gabbana dress that was very beautiful."
What style advice can you give to women who are expecting?
"Wear whatever makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable!"
You managed to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy. What was your favorite work out?
"Yoga! It was great for my body and mind."
In terms of nutrition, did you have any cravings?
"Of course! I I definitely indulged while pregnant. I couldn’t get enough of the Justin’s organic peanut butter cups and dried pineapples!"
Photo: Courtesy of Romy and the Bunnies
What was your beauty ritual?
"I love love Kora Organics. I started using it while I was pregnant because it’s all organic, and I still use it to this day. I can apply it on Dixie too which I love!"
Now that you have a daughter, it must be harder to find time to look after yourself. Has motherhood changed your beauty routine at all?
"I try to do everything during her nap time. All my workouts and beauty appointments I do as fast as possible so I can get back to her. Being with Dixie is the greatest joy I’ve ever known!"
I went to the Victoria’s Secret Show last November where you walked. You gave birth to Dixie just a month after I gave birth to Romy, and I remember being so impressed by how flat your belly was just a few months post-baby. Tell us, what was your miracle work out?
"Ballet Beautiful! It’s amazing and so effective!"
Now about Dixie. You girls travel a lot! What’s your advice on making trips with a baby as smooth as possible?
"I use to travel so light, but now with Dixie I bring so much! We do fly a lot so I bring as many toys, snacks, and books that I can fit in her diaper bag, and of course an iPad with Sesame Street on it."
Do you take her on all of your trips?
"She comes with me on most of mine unless I’m only gone for a night."
How do you divide your time between being a mom and work?
"It’s all about balance. I love my career and love to work, but obviously now Dixie is my main priority so I only do jobs that I love!"
What are your favorite things to do together?
"Simple things like going for walks or making her laugh, playing Peek-a-boo. Nothing makes me happier than when mommy makes her laugh."
Where is the most baby friendly place you have been with Dixie?
"I just moved to TriBeca and I feel like the whole area is very baby-friendly which is so lovely."
What are your favorite children’s clothing brands?
"Bonpoint, Tane Organics, Stella McCartney, and Zara."
Photo: Courtesy of Romy and the Bunnies

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