Is My STD Back?

By Chelsea Perugini

I went to the doctor, thinking I had a UTI because I constantly had the urge to pee, even when I had just used the bathroom — but it was chlamydia. I got diagnosed and took my antibiotics like I was supposed to, my boyfriend and I abstained from penetrative intercourse while we waited for him to be tested. Then, the UTI-like symptoms came back, but only very briefly. He was tested, found positive, and took his antibiotics. Now, my UTI-like symptoms are fully back. Could my STD be back?

Your doctor will be able to tell you for sure, but it’s possible that your STD is back (or that it never fully went away). It’s good that you didn’t have penetrative sex before your boyfriend was treated, but giving and receiving oral sex can in rare cases pass chlamydia. So, if you engaged in oral sex before he finished his antibiotics, then you might have been re-exposed. If you had vaginal sex after he was tested but before he finished his treatment, that could also have passed it back to you. You should abstain from sexual activity for seven days once you’ve started treatment (sometimes, it’s one day of antibiotics, or possibly up to seven days of antibiotics — either way, you should still abstain from all sexual activity for seven days).

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It’s also possible that it wasn’t passed back to you, but rather that the antibiotic treatment didn’t work. Sometimes, certain antibiotics work better for some than others, so you may just need a different amount or type of medicine.

It’s really important for both you and your boyfriend to get tested again as soon as you can, since you’re having symptoms. If one or both of you have chlamydia, be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations and stay away from oral, anal, and vaginal sex for the full seven days.

Chlamydia often shows no symptoms at all, so it’s important that you and your boyfriend notify any past partners you’ve had so they can get tested, too. You can do that anonymously here.


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