Can You Get A Yeast Infection From Touching Yourself?

Masturbation_Yeast_Infections_1Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
By Kendall McKenzie
Someone asked us, "Can you get a yeast infection from masturbating?"
Yeast infections develop when your genitals’ chemical balance gets thrown out of whack, triggering an overgrowth of natural yeast. Masturbating does not generally cause yeast infections in penises or vaginas. However, if you have a vagina, the things you masturbate with may lead to infections.
It’s a good idea to keep lotion, Vaseline, and anything with oil, scents, or flavors (including flavored lube) out of the vagina, especially if you’re prone to infections. Sugar in flavored products may cause yeast infections in some people, scents can be irritating, and oil can be hard to flush out of the body. Some people find lubes containing glycerin cause irritation, as well. If you think your lubricant is causing you problems, try switching to a different type or brand.
If you’re using sex toys to masturbate, wash them with soap and water before and after every use. You can also use condoms on them. And, do not put anything in your vagina that’s been in your booty without thoroughly washing it or swapping condoms. Vaginas + butt germs = infection party.
Folks with penises won’t get yeast infections from this stuff, but it’s still possible to experience irritation from sex toys and lubricants if you have a personal sensitivity to certain materials. No matter what kinds of genitals you have, ditch any self-love goodies that tick ‘em off.
Follow these guidelines, and the only thing you’ll get from masturbating is an orgasm!

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