A Playful Tribeca Loft We Want To Move Into

Just because you're a grownup doesn't mean you need to have a "grownup apartment." And, PieterJan Mattan's Tribeca loft is proof. As the co-founder and creative director of Bezar, Mattan knows good design when he sees it. But, it's his singular way of mixing great pieces in a playful and completely approachable manner that really sets us into interior envy fever. When we first saw his abode on Instagram, we were immediately smitten. It's an aesthetic that's very much its own — never stuffy, never contrived, and always changing. "Eclectic playhouse, maybe?" he suggests.
At just 26 (yes, we were surprised, too!), the Belgian transplant is a thoughtful visionary who's unafraid to take some risks. He kindly invited us to hang in his open space and chat about design and his intense of love of all things aerial. Ahead, step inside the low-key, youthful abode that will make you stop looking to Pinterest for the same old tired decor rules.