I Traded My Brunette Bob For Pink, Anime-Inspired Hair

For some people, dark brown hair is just that. But for Cristina Gómez, her dark-colored strands were a piece of her identity. In the latest episode of Hair Me Out, Gómez tackles a beauty goal she's had for a long time: dyeing her hair pink.
"I've always wanted to dye my hair pink," she says. "But I've hesitated because I thought it would take away one of the things that makes me fit in with my culture. I've always been a white-passing Latina, so I feel like if I take away that dark hair, then that takes away one of the things that makes me feel like I look Latina."
Despite her reservations, Gómez went into her transformation at Cut Loose BK open to a new look. She already had a little experience with bright-colored hair since she often cosplayed as anime character Revolutionary Girl Utena, which required a bubblegum-colored wig. Click play to see how Gómez's transition from brunette to pastel-pink turned out.

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