Is The Pinafore The New Dungaree?

Photo: Courtesy of Pandora Sykes.
Probably not. I just suffer from that journalistic affliction of describing everything as “THE NEW,” even when something is timeless and can just stand on its own merits. So let’s dissect a getup that requires no further description, for the sake of verbosity and nothing else. This one is a Chloé-meets-Stella look I’m particularly keen on every spring, regardless of the current trends: button-down denim with silk (I’ve had this shirt for about seven years, one of my best eBay finds). So Gwyneth! So Natalia! So Kate...Bosworth?
I’ve spent years looking for the perfect denim pinafore; hundreds of vintage basements and overpriced denim pieces later, ASOS comes up with this one. Try that age-old grunge trick of undercutting a cutesy look with a pair of black boots and, as is my wont come spring, a pair of glittery socks and Lennon specs. I always get told I never wear the same thing twice (as if I were the Bieber of Notting Hill, and somehow throw away my Zara once it’s been lunch-splatted), but I can assure you, this will be on repeat.

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A longer variation perfect for pairing with sneakers.

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A new staple in your wardrobe.
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Love a good raw hem.
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White tee optional.

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