5 Designers Reveal Their Favorite Floral Arrangements

Photo: Courtesy of One Kings Lane.
Kelly Wearstler:
Cherry Blossoms

“I love cherry blossoms for their delicate stature and beautiful color. I’ll style them solo without other flowers in a tall vase — they add instant architecture to a room. When they’re in season, we also have them at our flagship boutique in large urns.” — Kelly Wearstler, Los Angeles-based interior and fashion designer

Athena Calderone:

“What I love most about ranunculus is how they grow more interesting as the bloom unfolds, revealing so many delicate layers. I suppose they are in alignment with my personality — I’m a bit shy upon first meeting, but eventually open up once I get to know someone and feel comfortable. I place my arrangements front and center, on a  coffee table atop a stack of books so they can be seen from all angles.” —Athena Calderone, New York-based interior designer and the blogger behind Eye Swoon

Photo: Courtesy of One Kings Lane.
Lauren Geremia:
Eucalyptus Leaves

“Eucalyptus reminds me both of the East Coast where I’m from, and of California, where I live. Growing up, my mother always had it dried in arrangements and used it in oils, so it’s a nostalgic scent for me and puts me in a great mood. As an adult, I pick it on hikes where allowed and it lasts forever. I use it in arrangements with white flowers, or put dried bundles next to my bathtub or in my walk-in shower.” —Lauren Geremia, San Francisco-based interior designer

Alexa Hampton:

“I love all anemones because they are so cool and graphic, but I especially love the purples. In arrangements, I like them un-diluted by any other flower. A pile of anemones is perfect. Because they are a small bloom, I tend to prefer them in shorter, denser bunches, which makes them perfect on coffee tables and in repeating arrangements on a dining table.” —Alexa Hampton, New York City-based interior designer and author

Lulu deKwiatkowski:

“Lilacs are laid-back, happy, and a little hippie — not so formal. And, their purple color makes every room look good; it gives it spunk. They remind me of every house I’ve ever walked into that I love, meaning that it’s usually creative and filled with good energy. They should be bunched together — raw and free to flop around as they are — their color speaks for itself.” —Lulu deKwiakowski, founder of fashion and decor brand Lulu DK

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