This House In A Box Will Make You Completely Re-Examine Your Life Goals

For globe-trotting photographer, blogger, and design-lover Matthew Hranek and his wife, Yolanda Edwards, the creative director of Condé Nast Traveler, life never slows down. But, the pair always makes time to catch up and relax with their daughter, Clara, at their Modernist country house in upstate New York.

Located on 130 acres of bucolic landscape, the sleek glass house was a design collaboration between Matthew, Yolanda, and the Austrian architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann, whom Matthew met on a gig for Wallpaper magazine in Milan. “I said, ‘Oskar, what about building a house on our property?'” says Matthew. “He said, ‘Why don’t we do a prefabricated house and we’ll just ship it over?'” And that was it. Fast-forward to five months later, “the house came in four containers with six Austrians,” says Matthew. “My local guys did all the groundwork and site prep. In four days, the house looked like that, and in four months we were in the house.”

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