This NYC Apartment Is Proof That Cool Art Can Be Found At The Flea

Photo: Courtesy of Manuel Rodriguez/One Kings Lane.
As the force behind the beloved blog Habitually Chic, Heather Clawson lives in a richly visual world. Between studying 19th-century painting, designing interiors in New York, hunting through flea markets, and logging frequent trips to France — and, of course, being all over Pinterest — she’s trained her eye on thousands upon thousands of images. For anyone into design, art, and travel (and who isn’t?), her site is the perfect daily fix.

We had to know how Clawson, who describes her own style as “unabashedly uptown,” actually lives and works. Our peek into her lovely apartment, located on the top floor of a tony uptown block, didn’t disappoint. It’s beautifully collected, totally respectful of tradition, and it moves to its own beat. There are tables made of books and antique silverware kept in mason jars. It leaves an impression that’s both rich and lighthearted, decadent and joyful. We couldn’t get enough (and want to copy everything).

Take a tour and spend time with the lovely Heather Clawson at home.

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