Honestly WTF's Erica Chan Coffman Takes Us On Her Room Makeover

Erica Chan Coffman, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the cult blog Honestly WTF, moved into an early 1900s Craftsman in Oakland, California, in late 2013. But although she’d completed extensive renovations, her living room had been languishing ever since. “It was bare as bare can be,” she says. “Because the space is an open plan and there’s a custom-built alcove on one side where the TV is mounted, I just couldn’t make up my mind about the design and layout.”

Always up for a challenge, we jumped at the chance to help Coffman figure out this all-important room. Over many phone calls, emails, and shared Pinterest boards, Alex Reid, one of our stellar head stylists, nailed down the look with her: a picture-perfect family room where her son, Quincy, could entertain his toy cars and she and husband Abe could entertain their friends. Then Alex arrived at her door with amazing assistant Kate Smithson in tow to install all the gorgeous new furnishings over the course of three hectic days.

This is Erica’s diary of how it went down.

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