A Surprise London Wedding Even Cuter Than Your Pinterest Boards

Don’t you wish you were gutsy enough to throw a surprise wedding? Well, Danny and Luce were, and the result is absolutely darling. Emma Case Photography beautifully captured the modern surprise wedding. We love every single detail — from Luce’s simple Stella McCartney wedding dress to the choice of transportation. And we can hardly believe they planned the entire thing in just three months.

The bride, Luce, had so much to share with us about their special day:
"On my birthday, February 27, Danny and I asked 100 or so of our friends to join us for our engagement party... Little did they know...it was actually our wedding day!"

"It was the most delicious buzz I have ever felt," she continues. "Surrounded by a lot of love and warmth and genuine affection. My dad delivered the best speech; I’m biased, but truly, it was the best I have ever heard. We then danced until midnight and headed back to our hotel with happy faces — and a brand new surname for me!"

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