Which NYC Borough Are YOU?

Most of the country knows New York City by its prize star, the island of Manhattan. But, as more people start exploring (and, okay, rents start rising), the other boroughs are starting to get more love. There's Brooklyn, obviously, land of burgeoning families, hipsters, and good beer. There's Queens, known for stellar food from all over the world and suburb-worthy parks. And finally, The Bronx and Staten Island — both longtime underdogs for no real good reason. The Bronx, for one, has its own Little Italy on Arthur Avenue (arguably the best, most authentic Little Italy in the city). And, Staten Island? Sure, you have to take the ferry there, but the community (and authentic, nonna-run restaurants) make up for it. So, which borough are you? Swipe right if you like what you see below, swipe left if you don't, and maybe you'll find a new place to explore.

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