Cynthia Rowley's Fave NYC Eats

Untitled-2Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
On a quest for the next big thing in the food industry, sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann have begun the journey with The New Potato. Profiling chefs, restauranteurs, and celebrities alike with cuisine questionnaires, the world of dining has reached a whole new level of delish.
Turns out we’re not alone in loving all things sweet. Designer Cynthia Rowley recently expanded her candy store concept, CuRious (already at 78th and Madison), to the West Village. It’s more a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wonderland rather than a storefront. We mixed the delicious items in with some of her new eyewear, and shot Cynthia in this whimsical space that celebrates the visually and literally edible. This will definitely get you into the holiday mood!
The New Potato: Describe your ideal food day.
Cynthia Rowley: "Expensive champagne, a lobster roll from Turf at Ditch Plains, and Garrett Popcorn (cheese/caramel 2:1 mix)."
TNP: What would your last meal be?
"See above."
TNP: How do you start your day on a good note?
"Tickling my kids until they wake up."
TNP: What are some of your healthy routines? How do you stay fit?
"Swim every morning, surf every weekend, and CitiBike all day long!"
TNP: What catches your eye on every menu?
"Olives, peppers, artichokes, and anything smokey."
TNP: What are your favorite places to travel to?
"I love a big adventure! The more far away and remote the better."
TNP: What won’t you travel without?
"I’m very low maintenance — toothbrush, swimsuit, and my family. We’ll go anywhere."
TNP: Where do you draw inspiration from?
"Living a curious life."
TNP: What’s your drink?
"George Clooney’s tequila baby!"
TNP: What ingredient do you consider overrated?
"Cilantro. It tastes like soap!"
Untitled-1Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
TNP: What ingredient are you convinced makes everything better?
"Salt and sugar. Together they’re unbeatable."
TNP: Your afternoon snack?
"Fresh squeezed juice that we make at work. Everyone brings ingredients (ginger, carrots, cucumber, orange, etc) or we go Juice Press if we don’t have time."
TNP: What’s always in your fridge?
"If I had it my way it would probably look the way it did when I was single: champagne and doggie bags. But with kids you need to keep it stocked — fruit, vegetables, yogurt, juice boxes, etc."
TNP: What’s always in your bag?
"The only essentials — phone, credit cards, life saver mints, hair bands, lipstick, and I.D."
TNP: Your go-to recipe for eating in?
"Taco Night! Steak and Chicken."
TNP: Favorite night of the week and why?
"Saturday, because we’re always doing something fun with friends and family."
TNP: Favorite candy from Curious?
"Salted chocolate almonds."
TNP: What’s a typical lunch in the showroom?
"We try to eat healthy, mixing fruit and vegetables with herbs from our roof garden. When it’s showtime, substitute pizza for fruit and veggies."
TNP: What are your favorite New York restaurants?
"Red Farm and Westville in the West Village."
TNP: If you could have a dinner party with five people, living or dead, who would be there?
"I’d have the ultimate art dinner — Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Peggy Guggenheim, Richard Prince and Cy Twombly."

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