3-Day Juice Cleanse: One Girl's Hilarious Recap

On a quest for the next big thing in the food industry, sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann have begun the journey with The New Potato. Profiling chefs, restauranteurs, and celebrities alike with cuisine questionnaires, the world of dining has reached a whole new level of delish.
We won’t act like we’re on time to the juice-cleansing party. It’s been done, many times, and as a food and lifestyle website, we’re quite late; we get it. I’d say the delay has been both out of fear and dread. Part of us has always felt we had to try one at some point; the other part equivocates a juice cleanse to filling five cavities in one sitting to going, to the Hard Rock Cafe, to walking through Times Square on a Saturday…you get the picture.
Some of you may be reading this and responding with a defiant “Oh, no they didn’t.” We are, after all, The New Potato girls. Our brand is named after a starch for crying out loud. How could we attempt a juice cleanse? Others may have been waiting for this — curious even, whether we are the “juice-cleanse types.” Whatever your response is, lend us your support through this most troubling of times. That’s right, one-half of The New Potato (I, Laura Kosann) took one for the team and purchased a three-day juice cleanse.
Just to give you an idea of the success of this juice cleanse, I’ll say one thing: If you’re reading this to learn HOW to do a juice cleanse or to be inspired by the process and to delve into one yourself…turn back now.

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