This Is Our Jam: Angel Haze, Darkside, & A New Icona Pop Party Tune

This week's playlist occupies various corners of the electronic-music world, ranging from bubbly pop to experimental soundscapes. We start off with a new release from Darkside (a.k.a. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington), followed by the latest from experimental music extraordinaire Tim Hecker. Things lighten up a bit with a track from Angel Haze (succeeding in her attempt to court the pop and fashion worlds), Icona Pop's new banger featuring NYC rapper Zebra Katz, and some synth-pop bliss from Drop Electric. Last, we bring things back toward darker realms with bass-music maestro Andy Stott's new track for Adult Swim.
"Golden Arrow"
Though it takes a bit to get going, "Golden Arrow" is a masterful new release from electronic duo Darkside. We loved the group's EP back in 2011 and can't wait for the upcoming full length.
Tim Hecker
"Virginal II"
Dark, ominous, vaguely unpleasant (but in a good way), no one manipulates mood better than Tim Hecker. "Virginal II" is the artist's latest release and features awesome production wizardry.
Angel Haze
"Echelon (It's My Way)"
Haze has proved herself as one of the sharpest MCs around, but now she's courting the pop-music world — and succeeding. "Echelon (It's My Way)" works at both showing off Angel Haze's rapping skill and giving us a big hook to sink our teeth into.
Icona Pop
"My Party (feat. Zebra Katz)"
Hooking up with Zebra Katz was an inspired call for synth duo of the moment, Icona Pop. The rapper of "Ima Read" fame balances out the band's joyously over-the-top brand of electro-pop nicely.
Drop Electric
"Blue Dream"
This dreamy piece of synth-pop from Washington D.C.'s Drop Electric is an infectiously blissful take on the genre. We can't get the chorus out of our heads.
Andy Stott
"Anytime Soon"
The latest from the Adult Swim Singles series brings us a new track from bass-music wizard Andy Stott. The sampled vocals from his ex-piano teacher Alison Skidmore offer a vague hint of sunlight.

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