This Is Our Jam: M.I.A., jj, & A New Video From The Weeknd

This week is heavy on new videos, including a decidedly NSFW new clip from The Weeknd and a nightclub-centric new outing from M.I.A.. Along with the clips, things take a Euro/tropical turn, with new songs from the Spaniards in Delorean and Swedish duo jj. We also have the new single from former WU LYF singer Ellery James Roberts, whose gritty voice hasn't lost any of its oomph.
"Bring the Noise"
While we think /\/\ /\ Y /\, M.I.A.'s abrasive last album is due for a re-evaluation, it can't be argued that M.I.A. is back in crowd-pleasing mode with her latest work. Following the still-amazing "Bad Girls," "Bring the Noise" has Ms. Arulpragasam spitting rapid-fire rhymes over an ever-changing, deceptively weird beat. Her new album Matangi can't come out soon enough.
It's been awhile since we've heard from the breezy Spaniard in Delorean. But "Spirit" sees the band picking up right where it left off, with a Balearic-leaning, dance-pop track that may be the band's most focused song yet.
Swedish-duo jj hasn't released a new record since n° 3 back in 2009, instead offering a trickle of hip-hop-indebted tracks and the excellent Kills mixtape. With its New Age vibe and calming textures, "Fågelsången" feels like a return to form for the band whose beginnings were more wistful than Weezy.
"F For You"
Since Disclosure dropped its debut a few weeks ago, we've had the record on near constant rotation. The new smoothly directed performance video for "F For You" is just another reason to love these guys.
Ellery James Roberts
"Kerou's Lament"
As lead singer of WU LYF, Ellery James Roberts came out of the gate like a force of nature — his gravely voice full of apocalyptic energy and ecstatic power. For his first solo track, Roberts is just as searing, this time singing over a Clams Casino beat. WU LYF may be no more, but Roberts is still in top form.
The Weeknd
"Kiss Land"
The latest from The Weeknd is the new video for "Kiss Land," and the semi-awkward title also just happens to be Abel Tesfaye's major-label debut. In typical Weeknd form, the video features an erotic backdrop of women with a lot of necessary blurred-out bits. (Even with the censoring, this thing is heavily NSFW). "This ain't nothing to relate to," humblebrags Tesfaye amidst the bacchanalia.
Photos Clockwise From Left: Courtesy of Delorean, Disclosure, The Weend, and M.I.A.

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