This Is Our Jam: Mount Kimbie, Mikky Ekko, & More

This week, it's all about synthesizers. We have a slick new track from Brooklyn's Xeno & Oaklander, an awesome collaboration from London's Mount Kimbie, and the newest "rough demo" from up-and-coming singer Mikky Echo. Our favorite, though, is a cut from Johnny Jewel's Mirage project taken from the just-released super-awesome Italians Do It Better 2 compilation. At nearly 10 minutes of vocoder-saturated pop, it's uniquely awesome.
Mount Kimbie
"You Took Time (feat. King Krule)"
U.K.-based duo Mount Kimbie have been responsible for some of the most inventive bass music of the past few years. The pair's new collaboration with London wunderkind Archy Marshall (a.k.a. King Krule) sees Marshall returning to his hip-hop roots to spit some doleful rhymes over Mount Kimbie's inspired production. It's a somber success match made in British beat-making heaven.
Xeno & Oaklander
There's no better way to describe the new single from Brooklyn electronic duo Xeno & Oaklander than its title. Made up of pulsating disco and Liz Wendelbo's beautiful French vocals, the track is a perfectly slick piece of new wave-inspired pop.
Mikky Ekko
"Disappear (Rough Demo)"
Mikky Ekko may be most recognized for appearing alongside Rihanna at the Grammys, but the Louisiana-born R&B singer seems primed to explode in his own right. "Disappear" is referred to as a "rough demo," but its polished veneer is anything but.
"Let's Kiss"
Johnny Jewel, mastermind behind Chromatics, Glass Candy, and more, seems to have an endless supply of side projects. Case in point: this new/old single from Mirage — a robo-voiced synth track from the just-released Italians Do It Better 2 compilation, recorded in 2008. It's a hypnotic midnight drive sort-of song that begs for re-listens, even with its nearly 10-minute runtime.
NYC's Escort has been kicking around for years now, but "Barbarians" is a great place to start if you're new to the disco outfit's oeuvre. With a huge, willfully retro chorus, it's a funk-leaning tune that would have been pure gold on the light-up dance floors of yore.
Jacques Greene
"On Your Side (Feat. How to Dress Well)"
How to Dress Well may be best known for his own inward-leaning R&B, but as it turns out, he makes for one a hell of a hook on a dance track, too. Case in point: Jacques Greene's wonderfully understated new track "On Your Side," which uses Tom Krell's falsetto to absolute perfection.

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