Is This Ingredient The Secret To A Good Hair Day?

Although it may not be the best-smelling product in the cabinet, apple cider vinegar has been a staple kitchen ingredient for ages. Thanks to its myriad of uses, it has also been used for industrial, medical, domestic, and cosmetic purposes. The acidic properties in vinegar are highly beneficial to keeping your strands soft, healthy, and in good condition. The abundance of enzymes and minerals make it a great cleaning agent and scalp stimulant. Plenty of curlies are familiar with how to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their regimen with rinses that help remove build-up and clarify hair but there are also some other things that vinegar is good for as well.
Add Some Shine
If your hair seems dull, restore some of that luster with a simple apple cider vinegar rinse to give your curls a natural gloss. Dilute 1/3 vinegar with 2/3 water, add in some essential oils, and apply to your curls.
Clean Your Scalp
Build up on your scalp can attribute to stunted growth, inflammation, or flat, drab curls with no bounce. Apple cider vinegar is great for getting rid of lingering products that may not completely dissolve during a shampoo session.
Condition Your Curls
Brittle, dry hair is a result of not being able to retain moisture in your curls and calls for some emergency tactics. Using apple cider vinegar as a conditioner softens your curls and helps restore your hair’s natural balance.
Stimulate Hair Growth
Thinning edges, bald spots, and strands stuck at one length can be a big bummer when all you want is a head full of thick, beautiful curls. Along with improving your eating habits, you can jumpstart your growing efforts by rinsing with ACV before shampooing.
Say Farewell To Frizz
When you notice your curls are looking a little, um, rougher than usual, reach for the apple cider vinegar to nip that frizz in the bud. Locking in moisture and sealing your cuticles will help keep your curls smooth and manageable.

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