3 Hair Rinses You Can Put Together In A Snap

Illustration by Anna Sudit.
By Tasha Swearingen
When you’re sporting a naturally curly look, it’s often necessary to use a variety of products on your hair for that ultimate look of glam! We curlies put a lot of time and effort into achieving that perfect balance between looking good and keeping our hair healthy. Over time, however, products can build-up, which is actually unhealthy for our hair. In addition, you have undoubtedly experienced breakage at some point — a very common problem for us curlies. If you have trepidation about adding something else to your hair while trying to remove product build-up or prevent breakage, consider making your own hair rinse. This way you’ll know exactly what’s in it and can duplicate it as often as you want!
Why Rinse?
Given the tendency for curly hair to be dry, you may be wondering why anyone would recommend a hair rinse. The fact is, rinsing your hair with more than just water can have many benefits! For one thing, rinsing your hair with a light, acidic product, such as apple cider vinegar, can help balance your hair’s pH after washing to remove product build-up. Additionally, it will cut down on the amount of shedding you’ll experience. This is especially true during the drier winter or summer months.
Illustration by Anna Sudit.
What To Do
There are varieties of hair rinse recipes. Choose the one that will combat what you’re after, and you’re bound to have good results!
Tea: You can use a simple and economical hair rinse made purely of tea! Choose a tea to suit your needs. Black tea, for example, strengthens the hair and gives it a fuller appearance. Green tea is known to reduce shedding, stimulate hair growth, and reduce dandruff. You can also use tea to brighten your hair color; blondes should try chamomile, redheads rooibos, and brunettes black tea. Simply make tea as usual and then let it cool down before pouring over your hair. After the rinse, put on a shower cap, and then wrap your head with a towel for at least an hour. Savvy Brown recommends this rinse and says that she uses this tea rinse in place of a deep conditioning.
Beer: Yes, beer! Surprisingly, rinsing your hair with a flat beer about once a month can give your hair some added body and even shine. This is a good way to use up any beer you may have bought with the intention of drinking, but decided otherwise after tasting that first bottle.
Apple Cider Vinegar: To soften your hair and remove product build-up, try rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar (ACV). Measure out 1/3 cup of vinegar and mix with 1 quart distilled water. After doing your usual shampoo and conditioning regimen, rinse with the ACV mixture. You can also massage some of the vinegar into your scalp while you’re doing the rinse. Most curlies like to do a second rinse with cool water following the apple cider rinse, simply because vinegar doesn't have the most pleasant smell.
Have you ever wanted to make something from home for your hair but couldn’t think of anything you could possibly do without the plethora ingredients required that you don’t have on hand? Rinsing your hair with a homemade hair rinse is practically an effortless way to give your hair a homemade treat!

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