4 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Curls In Check

curle_texture_slide1_annaIllustrated by Anna Sudit.
Many curlies have a range of different curl patterns and textures in their hair — and not just one type of curl.
The multiple textures can cause a curly girl to be confused and unsure of the proper hair care for them. These textures can be difficult to manage and make you realize that certain things may not work for certain textures of your hair. The following tips can help you better manage the multiple textures in your hair.
Pay attention to texture
This can help you realize what type of care those various textures will need, leading to the best hair care regimen for your curls. Paying attention to what your hair needs can help you learn more about your hair, while neglecting certain textures that you’re not familiar with can cause damage to your hair. Familiarizing yourself with your hair's multiple textures will help you learn how to properly take care of your tresses. During moisturizing and detangling sessions, section your hair in manageable sections. This will allow you to pay attention to all areas of the hair and to notice what certain sections need.
Apply product accordingly
Some sections may need a heavier hair product to get the hair to hang and to blend in with loose textures of your hair. Those with areas of tighter curls may need extra moisture and perhaps a butter sealant that won't be ideal for the loose curls. In addition, you may need to have more patience detangling coarser areas of the hair than you will when dealing with looser hair sections; you can apply product accordingly.
curle_texture_slide2_annaIllustrated by Anna Sudit.
Style for consistency
Styles such as wet sets, rod sets, twist-outs, and braid-outs can help blend the multiple textures. For some, the difference in curl pattern (and therefore length due to shrinkage) can be severe. These styles can allow more consistency and won’t make the multiple textures as noticeable.
For loose curl patterns, try a twist out and rod the ends with a perm rod. Even though the hair is loose, the tight curly ends can help blend in with the other textures of your hair. You might also try an updo style, which allows you to tuck in your hair's unruly strands.
Acceptance is the first step
While learning to better manage multiple textures of your hair, acceptance becomes essential. Our textured curls are what make us stand out, so embrace 'em proudly.

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