How to Dress Up An Old Sweatshirt — & Look Good

Web01Photo: Courtesy of Arna Bee.
You know that sweatshirt you have that you automatically pull on when it’s time to get cozy on the couch? I say, the couch isn’t the only place your sartorial equivalent of a blankey can live, unless of course a stain has claimed it, in which case, my deepest condolences. I’m a huge advocate for being stylish and comfortable so naturally I would come up with a way to make my favorite sweatshirt look suitable for public outings.
Case in point: I was invited to an impromptu dinner party recently and wasn’t in the mood for all my dressier options. Instead, I looked in the mirror and decided to rework what I was already wearing (or, lounging in). With a few additions, some help in the beauty department, and some eye-catching accessories, I was on my way.
Call it cheating, but the quickest way to transform a daytime look to an evening-appropriate outfit is to add a little leather. I rely on this tip all the time and quite frankly I never feel too underdressed, well not yet at least. It’s amazing how a little layering love can add to any basic garment.
I have to say, I’ve never been so comfortable at a function while still receiving compliments on my outfit. But, here’s the silver lining of it all: After getting home, I only had to change a couple of things before reclaiming my butt-imprinted spot on the couch.
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