The Printed Pants You Need Right Now

When printed pants first came on the fashion scene, I was apprehensive. They just seemed too loud and contrived for my taste. But it didn't take long to realize they weren’t going away, so I pushed myself to warm up to them, first trying a subtle, monochromatic pair by H&M. I wore them to a lunch with friends and got a zillion compliments.
Now, I have at least half a dozen patterned pants hanging in my closet, some of which feature zingy prints or eye-popping colors. And I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve realized that a bold pair of trousers can make an outfit. My trick for pulling them off is to team them with toned-down basics, such as a solid-colored sweater or a striped T-shirt. My latest pair comes from Tory Burch, which I styled with a pared-down knit sweatshirt and a bold pair of red pumps. So simple, yet statement-y, too! Ahead are more printed pants that make my heart skip a beat. You can also see how I like to style them on my blog, LE CATCH.

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