6 Low-Key Party Dresses Perfect For Every Summer Shindig

It’s deep summer. Read: Party time! Getting dressed up for a festive soirée is always fun, but what if you're the hostess? Having just staged two 50-person, end-of-school-year parties for my kids in one week (count that, seven days), I believe I have the nut cracked on hostess dressing, which you can see on my blog.
You want to wear outfits that are attention grabbers, but comfortable. Think low heels and an easy-to-throw-on dress or romper. Who wants to fuss with matching your top to your bottom when you have people to entertain? Click on for six party-hearty looks that will take care of the tired question, "What should I wear?" As for your catering arriving an hour late, you're on your own.

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