What Boys' Club? 3 "Menswear" Pieces We're Stealing, Now

If I could only use two words to describe my personal style, feminine would top the list. Then, girly. What can I say — I have more dresses than I know what to do with, while I can probably count the number of jeans I own on one hand. Polka dots, frilly hems, and full skirts are just my thing. But, there's no ignoring the massive amount of menswear-inspired wares that are stomping down the runways and into storefronts.
And I have to admit, my husband's button-ups and sweatshirts are way comfier than my full skirts and form-fitting dresses. So, on that note, I’ve been on the hunt to find more ways to usurp traditional menswear pieces and make them a little more, well, me. See how I'm appropriating three "menswear" items I found at T.J.Maxx and how I'm fitting them to my femme aesthetic, ahead.

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