The Secret To Mara Ferreira's Stylish Soirées: Lots Of Homemade Mimosas

If you scroll through my blog, you'll find just as many foodie finds and fruit tart recipes as #ootd pictures. I can whip up a mean vanilla-bean panna cotta — from scratch— and a mixed-print outfit complete with neon jewelry and cutout heels.
So, it's no surprise that I love hosting. It lets me flex my two areas of expertise: baking and styling. This month, I'm throwing a lil' hangout with my girls to drink champagne, eat sweets, and gab — it's like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood in here. I picked up the perfect hostess outfit and some party essentials from T.J.Maxx to make my home (and outfit) girl-talk ready. Come on in!

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