Ditch The Coats, Here's The Wardrobe Staple You Need In L.A.

We can't really complain in L.A. When the East Coast is mired in 90% humidity and flash thunderstorms, SoCal is blue skies and a mild temperature of 75. I rarely need a coat in L.A., and whenever I wear one I feel kind of silly considering it's, at the worst, 60 degrees outside.
But, that doesn't mean us Angelenos don't get our share of chilly breezes. This fall, when you feel like that overcoat is just not necessary, sweaters are where it's at. Whether they're open cardigans, cropped, or knitted, sweaters are one of the more versatile pieces in your wardrobe to mix and match with. To restock on this season's staples without blowing through my allotted wardrobe allowance, I swung by T.J.Maxx. Since they restock every week, it's always a guarantee that I'll find what I'm looking for — and I did. For my best layering trick, click on through.

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