Work Up A Sweat With Nothing But A Mat And This Yoga-Appropriate Ensemble

When the weather gets warm, the great outdoors becomes my gym. I love nestling in OZ Park to do some yoga. It may sound vain but the better I feel, the better I perform, and this means wearing fitted clothing that reveals the change and strength in my body. I prefer long sleeves because I love to sweat (is that weird?), so you will usually find me in a pair of leggings and lots of layers — even when the temps are above 80, like today.
When looking for yoga pants, I like to find ones that are made with breathable, wicking fabric, like polyester. And for my shirt, I'm going with a striped tee for a simple, but coordinated look for my downward facing dog. What are you wearing for your summer workout?
Photo: Courtesy of Heather Talbert.
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