Sequins & Stripes Blogger Liz Schneider Spills Her Style Mantra

WEb1Photographed by Anjali Pinto.
I always admired the girls that looked effortless and pulled-together, and I finally realized that confidence is the only way to achieve the looks that I idolized. You have to peel away the seasonal trends, silly purchases, things that don’t make you feel confident, and items that never really felt like you to really define your personal style.
When it comes to my style, I aim to be comfortable, take risks, and ultimately have fun, which results in a look that's feminine and bright, classic but edgy, and hopefully (!) polished.
With my readers, I always want my look to feel approachable. I've come to terms with the fact that not everything is going to work with my body. And at my age, I'm not trying to experiment with the wildest trends — that's what glitter jeans, platform flip-flops, and shrunken tees were for in high school.
Rather, I stick to what I know I like. My best advice to finding your own "look": be confident, be a leader not a follower, be bold, and have fun!
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