Dainty Baubles: The New Way To Make A Statement

Web1Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
I’ve always loved delicate jewelry. There's something so sweet and feminine about a simple gold ring or chain bracelet. Sometimes, an outfit doesn’t need a big statement piece — especially when you're wearing a loud color or print, like I am here. You just need a little something extra to pull the look together.
My favorite combo is coupling embellished or rhinestone necklaces together to make something new out of what I already have. Wearing this navy pendant with a simple gold chain from T.J.Maxx adds the final touches to top off this loud outfit.
Web2Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
Since the jewelry is so subtle, I like to layer a few of them on my fingers, neck, and wrists by mixing metals, colors, and sizes. It creates a unique look that's effortless and a little eclectic. When it comes to necklaces, make sure that they're different lengths so that they don't sit on top of each other.
Web3Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
I love an arm party as much as the next girl, so layering bracelets is a given. You can mix bracelets with different textures, but try to stay in the same color family like I did with these rose gold bracelets. Since you want to group similar pieces together, it's easiest if you buy a few from the same retailer — that way they automatically match! For stackable jewelry like these bracelets, I stocked up at T.J.Maxx, so that I can get more pieces without spending as much.
Web4Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
And, one last way to add a little jewel candy to your outfit is with rings. I can never have on too many! I usually wear four to six dainty rings on the regular. How are you layering your baubles?
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All jewelry courtesy of T.J.Maxx.

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