Secrets To Shopping Vintage, Revealed!

There isn't a hipster in town who doesn't love vintage, but I can out-thrift them all. Shopping vintage is my way to be creative with my style while staying on budget — the key is learning how to shop for the specific pieces that'll mesh with the rest of your closet. You don't want to look like you walked out of a '50s black-and-white, but rather use different eras as a reference in your styling, like the free-spirited quality of the '60s or the feminine silhouettes of the '50s.
It's all about finding those vintage or vintage-inspired pieces and pulling them together for a look that's classic and modern with a little wink to the past. For tips on how to score amazing pieces every time, I've put together a mini shopping guide of my own. Click through for the four tips you need to shop vintage right.

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