8 Darling Mini Bags That Will Lighten Your Load

I love a big oversized bag as much as the next girl, but sometimes I yearn for a simple little purse that has just enough room for my essentials, leaving the book, sweater, and contents of my vanity table behind. My favorite designers (Celine and Phillip Lim) must agree with me and have created extra-small versions of my favorite styles. Who can resist the charm of a miniature-sized version of what you love? Especially if it's a purse.
The mini bag is a great choice for busy gals like me, who often have to run (literally) around town for projects and meetings and can’t haul a 20-pounder on a 15-block walk. They are also perfect for parties and events — adding just a bit of flare and letting the outfit shine. Here, I've rounded up eight of my favorite mini clutches, crossbodys, and satchels to help you minimize clutter and travel light.

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