See Color-Blocking Done Right With This Ellsworth Kelly-Inspired Ensemble

I’m lucky to be surrounded by world-renowned art galleries and museums in Washington, D.C. I've found endless creative inspiration in these amazing institutions — and fashion is one of the areas where art has influenced me the most. I think that the exploration of form, color, and scale that we see in the arts can easily translate to fashion.
One of my favorite recent exhibits Panel Paintings 2004-2009 by Ellsworth Kelly at The Phillips Collection did just that. Kelly is a prolific American painter, sculptor, and printmaker, whose 90th birthday coincides with this exhibit. His unique and recognizable style was influenced by Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Jean Arp, and Henri Matisse, and developed in the '40s when he immersed himself in the architecture and art in Paris.
I fell in love with his large-scale paintings that play with negative and positive space so beautifully. It is color-blocking on a magical scale and it inspired me to dust off the 3-year-old trend and explore contrast, scale, and color in a wearable, late-summer outfit. If you find yourself in our capital, pop on by The Phillips Collection, or you can see my style interpretation of this bold art, ahead — no ticket required.

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