7 Head-turning Print Dresses Perfect For Rising Temps

While I'm indiscriminate when it comes to most styles (I love tight-fitting bodycon dresses, free-flowing boho romps, and tomboy-esque overalls), I hate pants. This disdain can probably be traced back to when I shot up to 5’9” in fourth grade and couldn’t find pants long enough to fit my beanstalk frame. But as a Cali-bred girl, I thankfully was able to go through all my awkward growth spurts clothed in one thing: dresses.
Now that I'm all grown up and living in NYC where you can't get away with wearing an airy cotton dress in 20-degree weather, I've learned to adapt my style to more winter-appropriate wares (like these awesome boyfriend jeans). But the second the city shakes off its doom-and-gloom winter, I'm back in my sundresses. This season, I'm all about the prints. Whether geometric, floral, or watercolor, there are print dresses in every shape and style.
I like to wear mine with stilettos for a sexy and sweet date look or go grunge with a pair of Doc’s. Whatever your style, prints dresses are a great option for hot humid days in the city. Here are my picks for the coolest prints you'll want to shimmy into, ahead.

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