How To Make A Suit Look Anything But Corporate

WebPhoto: Courtesy of Kyle Brown-Watson.
I know what you're thinking — what the heck am I, Apneet Kaur, doing in a suit?! You'll usually find me in grunge-tastic street-wear, from thrifted skirts to ripped jeans. But lately, I've been feeling a change coming on. I love the way suits look, they are so classic and commanding. Mind you, I didn't jump ship for a totally corporate ensemble. There's still some vintage embedded in this outfit.
To test the waters, I wore my suit to work, to class, and then out to meet friends. The change I noticed in myself was immediate — I walked more confidently and slumped less often, and had purpose with every movement. Still, with my T-shirt and messy hair, I didn't feel like a totally different person, just a different version of myself.
I’m beginning to understand the importance of investing in a few “power pieces” as a young woman who will soon be out in the "real" world. For now, I’m having fun dressing up without the professional pressure, and just having a moment with suits. It's fun to deviate from your comfort zone and try out something new, and a suit definitely qualifies. I plan on buying a few more just for kicks. Plus, with fall around the corner, they'll make excellent separates as well.
What do you think? Could your power outfit be a suit?
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H&M suit jacket and trousers; Chapel NYC vintage tee; Shoemint shoes.

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