Christmas Accomplished: How To Holiday Shop Like A Pro

With the holidays fast approaching, there isn’t time to check my list twice. This time of year is crazy enough as is with finals and term papers, holiday parties and travel, so fitting in shopping on a budget is kind of like a sport. As a student, there isn't much down time to leisurely spend several days shopping for holiday gifts. (I have finals up until two days before Christmas hits — two days!) While there are tons of cute niche boutiques in Chelsea, I wanted to get all my shopping done in one swift run, so I went to T.J.Maxx, and made out like a bandit!
I knocked out my Christmas list with less than $250 — a very student-friendly budget. With such variety at the Chelsea location, shopping was a snap. At every turn there was something new and awesome to find, which made it super easy to shop for a group of totally different people. See how I'm getting my gifts ready for the mailman, ahead.

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