8 Fall Hats To Make You Swoon

Forget sweater weather. When fall rolls around my eyes light up because it’s hat season! That’s not to say I don’t rock headgear year-round, but in cooler seasons you really see brands pumping out the good stuff. I love hats for so many reasons. During windy days, keeping your strands under a hat can prevent breakage. Plus, akin to a statement piece during the daytime, a hat at night is just plain alluring and adds instant “cool” to any outfit.
In fact, I’m so head over heels for hats that my pug’s name is “Chapeau,” which means “hat” in French. I’m sure it’s not a popular dog name in Paris, but for me and my pup, it’s perfect.
So, here is a roundup of my favorite fall hats — a few of which are already in my closet — with something for everyone, whether you love beanies or cat ears.

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