3 Bushwick Haunts & The Brooklynite Outfit To Match

Web01Photo: Courtesy of Scott Brasher.
Before I moved to New York, people warned me to choose my apartment carefully. When you move to a neighborhood, they said, you never leave. And, they were right. On my free days, I like to mosey around my little patch of this grid-plan city, humbly known as Bushwick, Brooklyn. Of course, I spend plenty of time in Manhattan for school and work, but not having to take the train to get to some amazing places is truly a blessing — and it rules. Take a little tour of my neck of the woods. You may like it so much, you just might move!
H&M suit jacket, Chapel NYC vintage T-shirt, thrifted flannel blouse, ASOS Brady Slim Boyfriend Jeans Bleach Wash, $19.58, available at ASOS; Stance Santiago Socks, $15, available at Stance; Classic Specs Po 'Boy, $89, available at Classic Specs; Gypsy Warrior Stars And Stripes Backpack, $30, available at Gypsy Warrior; Shoemint shoes, Verameat rings.

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Web02Photo: Courtesy of Scott Brasher.
I like to fill up at Bushwick's Living Room for a lunner if you will (late lunch or early dinner). The menu is enormous and all the dishes are endlessly customizable. There’s a section called “add anything to anything.” Yup, it’s true, and it is delicious. Here I'm enjoying a bowl of quinoa with avocado and feta, and a side of asparagus with Parmesan and garlic.
Web03Photo: Courtesy of Scott Brasher.
Next, I’m taking you to Worship Vintage. Unlike the many bustling vintage shops in the East Village, Worship has a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention, it boasts a finely selected stock of pieces that are reasonably priced. One of my favorite things I tried on was this oversized varsity jacket. Worship also has accessories like hats, sunglasses, and bags, so you can go all out and vintage-ify yourself from head to toe.
Web04Photo: Courtesy of Scott Brasher.
Lastly, Pearl’s Social & Billy Club is a guaranteed good time for a drink with some friends. The drinks are served in mason jars (how Pinterest of them), and the decor is divey yet refined. Pearl’s also has a photobooth, and my journal is filled with 'em.
Web05Photo: Courtesy of Scott Brasher.
Now that we’re covered the hot spots, what to wear in my neighborhood? One who always toasts to vintage, I wore a retro, printed, graphic tee with monster faces on it. Fun, right? Topped with a navy suit jacket (remember my suit moment), and a flannel around my waist, it’s a cute and comfortable look for a day off. Boyfriend jeans have lately become my go-to, and this pair from ASOS fits so well.
My outfit is pretty cut and dry — jeans and T-shirt, flannel for flair — but, I added a graphic sock and heels to quirk it up a bit. Plus, heels are so much more comfortable with socks, and with the weather cooling down, it's a simple way to wear your fancier shoes into fall.
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